What our patients say…


If I could pass a note back in time to my high school self, it would be a sternly worded warning about wearing my retainer, perhaps with a short section on investing in bitcoin. I went from crooked and overlapping teeth to a textbook “perfect” smile in less time than it takes me to need a hair trim. I couldn’t be happier with the process
— Michaela


The speed at which my teeth are moving thanks to OrthoPulse is nothing short of astonishing.  Furthermore, it’s been a really comfortable experience with very little pain or discomfort; the five minutes of soothing treatment at the end of my day is something I look forward to.  I will likely only have to wear my Invisalign aligners for 7-9 months in total, compared to the 2-3 years I was quoted for traditional orthodontics.  Dr. Brawn and his excellent team have answered all questions and addressed every concern I’ve had.  Although I’m only half way through my treatment I can’t believe how much my teeth have already shifted. 
— Paul C.
I have been self conscious of my crowded teeth for my entire adult life. When a camera came out, I would either close my mouth and smile or avoid it altogether. Thanks to Dr. Brawn and the opportunity to use light therapy to accelerate my Invisalign treatment, the process of straightening my teeth has been virtually painless and incredibly fast. I’m on pace to complete my orthodontic treatment in about a third of the traditional treatment time and I have had opportunity to self-manage my aligners, making the process more practical and achievable. Thank you to Dr. Brawn and his team.
— Sue S.
I started my treatment in June of this year and am so pleased with the results. I have one month left of “refinement” and I look forward to showing off my new straight teeth. Using the OrthoPulse has helped speed the process along, and I know I am far beyond the results others using just Invisalign are experiencing. Dr. Brawn and his staff are nothing short of amazing and I have enjoyed my visits immensely. I am not a fan of going to the Dentist and have major TMJ issues but the gentle friendly nature of Dr. Brawn has eased my anxiety around dental work. My overall experience has been outstanding.
— Ilana L.
I have just completed an amazing process of light accelerated Invisalign treatment with Dr. Peter Brawn. I endured braces as a teenager, but decades later my teeth had drifted. This time was such a world of difference and was actually fun. The OrthoPulse unit was so easy and quick to use and made my treatment go so fast – a lot less than half the time it would for regular Invisalign or braces. The OrthoPulse became my ‘friend’ for painlessly straightening my teeth. And Dr. Brawn was so supportive with the treatment planning and refinements. Now my smile looks even better than the first time I had braces. Thank you again so much to Dr. Brawn and the whole fabulous dental team.
— Sheryl J.